New Year Ramblings

Christmas is officially over and the new year is now well underway. I’m not very big on making ‘resolutions’ in the stereotypical sense, so in my usual fashion I haven’t made any per se. I’ve found through past experience that like the majority of people, when I make a ‘New Year’s resolution’ I tend to fail miserably within the first month or so.

With that being said, I do have things that I plan on improving or adding to my normal routine. I just don’t pressure myself into doing them by calling them ‘resolutions.’ In fact, I began on them before the holiday season was even over. Making positive changes isn’t something that I like to categorize as an obligation, but something I really want to accomplish.

One big thing I’m working on is time management. I’m an old-school procrastinator with decades of experience. The older I get, the more of a toll staying up all night to get something finished takes on me. Yeah, I really am getting too old for this stuff.  I don’t spring back from four hours (or less) of sleep like I used to! To combat this, I’m doing my best to make a change in my perception of why I should get things done early. Mainly this: I’m trying not to just say ‘I’ll just get it done in time because I like the pressure’ to ‘I want to get this done ahead of time so I can enjoy some actual free time doing something with my family or something I enjoy.’ Seriously, when it comes to the stress I put myself under, I’m getting too old for it. University classes are about to start again for the semester, so now will be an excellent time to deploy my system and make necessary tweaks to try and deal with the decreased time/task ratio I’m about to experience.

I’m a big gadget/gizmo/app/etc. person, so I’ve tried all sorts of stuff to get myself organized, create better schedules, and all sorts of gimmicky stuff to keep me accountable. So far, the best ones work for a couple of months and most of them work for about an hour. Now I’m going back to what I know: paper and pen. With the few years I’ve gotten under my belt now I’ve come to enjoy writing on nice paper and using a decent fountain pen. Writing things down truly is fun and gives the freedom to jot down and draw things as I see fit. Having a planner with a weekly overview and space to drill down into the details on a daily basis is the format I tend to gravitate towards. The closest I’ve come to that electronically is when I’ve used Samsung’s Galaxy Note series of phones and tablets (I still feel very bummed for them about what happened with the Note 7).

The geek in me still couldn’t resist exploring some sort of electronic means to try and tackle this with, so I did succumb to trying something that has evidently been around for a few years that I’d never heard of. I will confess: I heard about an app that seemed to pique my interest on episode 129 of Android App Arena. It’s called Habitica, and I like the retro RPG feel it has. You basically create to-do lists, daily tasks, and a habits list which you can then assign difficulty, due dates, category, etc. to. Check them off and level up your avatar. Miss some daily tasks? Your HP drops as you take damage. There’s a social side to it, but I really like the old school game play aspect. Right now it’s fun, but it is not my primary way of keeping up with my schedule and lists. However, it is nice to have a backup way of keeping track of certain things.

This was literally just a ramble, but also an exercise in writing and forming the habit of posting here. My goal is to try and put something up at least weekly. I’m experimenting with making some leather journals/planners. If they turn out decently, I’ll put something here about what I’ve come up with/modified. Nothing like adding a little creative flow to something that will help hold your creative flow, eh? Resolution or not, maybe this time something will stick!

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