Firefighter standing in roadway

And Another Week Down!

Check another week off the calendar!

It’s absolutely astounding that January is almost over, and here I was worried that I would forget to write 2017. As anticipated,I’m starting to get the rhythm of this semester’s assignments and due dates. Getting used to it and actually getting it all done on time is another thing though!

The weather this week around here has reminded us to that things we don’t anticipate can happen. Several strong storms and tornadoes hit our area and caused quite a bit of damage. My thoughts and prayers are with those south of me, they were hit even harder today than we were yesterday.

Large broken branches from tree
Old oak tree is now about half of its former size
Trees across roadway
Crews work to open roads to traffic after the storms
Roadway opened after trees downed across it
Crews working diligently to restore traffic flow


Our are was very fortunate in comparison to others throughout the state.

On the Creative Front:

I did manage to get some woodworking done (still not sure exactly how). The better half found some interesting ideas for a ‘command center’ via Pinterest to build near the front entrance. I was able to build the shelving and signage she wanted and help get everything installed. Well, almost everything. Now I need to build a 4′ bench to complete her organizational masterpiece.

It sure is nice having someone to motivate me to further refine my system of organization, and keep me on my toes when it comes to getting things done. And no, there was no sarcasm intended in any of those statements.

Everyone stay safe out there. Pay attention to the weather and make a plan beforehand. You definitely don’t want to be figuring out what to do when the warning sirens start blaring.

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