Where did the week go?

No, really, where did the week go? It’s late Sunday night and I’m still hammering away at assignments and projects. I kid you not, I’ve not watched a single snap from the big game tonight.

There’s been a ridiculous amount of what I believe to be simple ‘busy work’ from 80% of my classes this week. I hate doing things that are simply there to be done, and do not contain much if any pertinent value to my studies. Couple that with constantly waiting on some version of a Windoze virtual machine to do something, and my patience is long gone.

The bright side is that I managed to get the group project I had this week done. By myself. Well, that’s not exactly 100% true. When I awoke this morning I had an email where my partner had sent a presentation for ‘their’ part of the project. Sorry, but a 4 minute PowerPoint with audio narration does not constitute half of the project; especially when it entails a video presentation, abstract of the project, and entire sources list properly formatted to meet APA guidelines. Oh well…

If you can’t tell, I’m a little grumpy. I’m not even halfway through the semester and my “give a hoot” is already gone.

I guess I’m just disappointed in what I thought was really going to be a fun and knowledgeable endeavor. I had real hopes that taking these courses would seriously further my knowledge in the realm of information tech and especially information assurance and security. So far, I’ve been sorely disappointed. I hope things will improve, but realistically I force myself to believe when they do not. Is the paper at the end of this mess really going to be worth it? You bet. There’s even a good chance that I’ll make the frame to hold this degree once all is said and done. It will be the most expensive piece of paper I own, and it should have a nice frame to complement it!

Maybe next week things will have calmed down a little, and I can actually do somethingĀ productive.

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