For a change, I actually feel like I accomplished quite a bit in the past week. My to-do list is significantly smaller (yet still never ending), and I feel pretty good about what I was able to get done.

I’m still using Habitica in force, and I will say that it truly helps keep me on my toes. I really wish there was a better way to sort tasks other than manually arranging them, but other than that I love it.

Classwork was a bear as usual, and the “busy” work was out in force this week. I just try to view it as just part of the grind and keep the goal in focus. Just one more year…

Some good friends of ours welcomed a new baby into the world, and I was honored to be asked to swing by and take some newborn photos. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the “process photos” box on my list this week. I’ll use that as a reward and motivation to go ahead and push through the cruft that’s a necessity. As my wife likes to tell me, “eat your frog first.”

On the Creative Front:

I finally did some leather working. I made a Midori inspired leather notebook cover and inserts for my father-in-law’s birthday. I had some brown leather on hand, so I used it for the cover itself. Construction was fairly straightforward, with the cover being a rectangular piece of leather cut to size, radiused corners, and flaps sown on the inside edges of both of the short sides to form pockets. I cut down some plain paper and a couple of sheets of card stock to make the inserts with. I’ve found that using 15 sheets of normal copy weight paper is about ideal for making inserts with. Once trimmed, folded, and stitched together they are neither too thick or thin, offering an ample amount of writing surface. A simple elastic band holds the inserts in the notebook along with placing the card stock covers into the flap pockets. That same elastic band also loops around the outside to keep the journal closed when not in use. I finished the leather off with a generous coat of Sno-Seal to give it a nice sheen and add some spill protection.

In my haste, I neglected to take many pictures during the process. If I do get around to processing those photos on the SD card, I’ll add a few later of the finished product.

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