Squirrel seated on top of feeder

A Finished Project and Happy Critters

Since Washington’s Birthday was this past week, I managed to get a small project completed and installed with the ‘free day’ starting the week. Along with working on the usual complement of schoolwork, I decided to enjoy myself and do a little woodworking.

With the day off, I really wanted to do something with my boy. The weather was a typical February day in Georgia: temps in the 70s, a slight breeze, and plenty of sunshine. Seriously folks, it was a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops kind of day. Well, not necessarily flip-flops since I was using power tools. Yeah, I had on safety glasses too if you were wondering, and a pair for my son too.

The project was a simple one. We built a squirrel feeder out of a fence picket and a glass, one gallon pickle jar. I’d seen several variations on this design scattered across Pinterest, other blogs, and YouTube a while back. It seemed pretty easy to make, and it was.

I cut down the fence picket into pieces to make the base, back, roof, and sides. A couple of large hole saws made quick work of the entrance holes and jar hole. Some wood glue on the joints and a quick round with a brad nailer, and hello squirrel buffet.

The kiddo enjoyed helping me assemble this 3D puzzle, and then hang it on the tree. A quick trip to a local store for a 50lb. bag of feed corn finished off the required materials. We got the jar loaded with corn about half an hour before sunset. Hey, we got a little distracted that afternoon. The complex physics of racing Power Wheels across the yard demanded our attention! (As it turns out, you do really go faster downhill). The questions and logic of a 4 year-old never cease to amaze me. I’m glad for the curiosity and desire to know.

Now for the suspense. Unfortunately, we’d dawdled long enough for the squirrels to have bedded down for the night. I assured my son that they indeed would find it within a few days. As many of those little gray jokers that run around the yard and on this particular tree, it took two days before their curiosity let them enter the feeder.

This little guy (or gal) was nice enough to hang around long enough for me to grab the camera.

Squirrel on top of feeder
The view is nice from up here.
Squirrel on top of feeder
Dinner has nice seating.
Squirrel on tree next to feeder
I’ve been spotted!
Squirrel pokes head out of feeder
Does it taste better out here?
Squirrel inside of feeder

The holiday was a much needed break to do something fun for a change. For now though, it’s back to the grindstone.

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