Currently in my junior year of studies pursuing a BS in information technology, with concentrations in information security and network management.

I tinker with electronics, coding, and love to just figure out how things work in general. I am very fortunate to have a young son who also shares this fascination with me. I try to encourage him by doing fun little projects while simultaneously trying to explain how “stuff” works. Simple robotics projects and basic science experiments are fun, no matter your age!

Playing with a Microcontroller
Trying out the Arduino Esplora

I’m a multipurpose geek–just as the name implies. I enjoy a wide variety of activities, ranging from camping and bowhunting to making things with my collection of Arduinos and Raspberry Pis. I’m also a licensed ham radio operator, which has in turn led to quite a few antenna builds and station mods. Traveling is also always fun, especially since I’ve acquired yet another new hobby: photography!

The more I pound out code, yell at the monitor because my CSS never seems to align, and melt solder, the more I learn. Sure, it can get really frustrating at times, but when it finally works, or I see the smiling face of a toddler (and the subsequent barrage of questions), then every minute has been well worth it.

To everyone: Stay curious! Experiment! Build things!

Meanwhile, maybe I’ll catch you down the log, 73.